About Us

RedCedar builds apps to provide solutions to individuals and organizations helping them solving their everyday problems. We have a wide range of experience from developing everyday mobile apps to large-scale enterprise solutions. We have off the shelve mobile/web apps that may suit you and your organization. We also design and tailor custom apps to provide easy solutions that help your company promote your business.

Our Team

We specialize in mobile and enterprise solutions. Our team has over 20 years of combined experiences in the IT industry working with diverse clients from utilty, public sector to private corporations. Our wide range of experiences in building solutions in Android, iPhone, to Microsoft Azure, SharePoint and Office Apps technologies allows us to create for you the best solution on the most suitable platform.

Our Apps
Our mobile apps and Microsoft Office apps are designed to solve your everyday problems, making your life a little easier.

Contact Us

If you ask, we can help. Tell us about how you would like to better your business. Let us know what you think about our apps. We want to hear your comments, good or bad. Email us at app@redcedarstudio.com